Friday, 25 January 2013

The End...Finally

Well here it is the end. One last post. My final thoughts on this class for 99% of the time are super positive. I have really enjoyed this class and my perspective as I have said many times of technology has changed for the better. My favorite assignment this semester was definitely the buried life project. I had a bucket list before but I never had the opportunity to present it virtually and share my items to my friends and peers. My least favorite project would have had to be the newspaper blackout poetry. I guess I just struggled getting something original out of someone else's article. It's not that I didn't like the project, I just found it to hard to come out with something original that I felt belonged to me and reflected me as a writer. Friday's were also one of the things I liked the most in the class. In a lot of other classes we never really get the opportunity in class to read a book we pick and are interested in. It's always the mandatory novel's which no one likes. Anyways I like just sitting down and getting time to read something I enjoy on a weekly basis. As for weekly reading reflections, I think those really helped me with my reading. It offered me the time to think about what I just read and to analyse aspects of the book. My favorite part was when we switched to the twitter reading reflections from the classic 250 word responses.

Now to blogging. As a whole I enjoyed it for the most part, but I didn't take into consideration how much work it would be to maintain my blog. At first I was almost intimidated posting my work online for everyone to see but as the semester progressed so did confidence with the blog. I think at the end, my blog was a direct representation of me and my abilities as well as who I am as a person. As a reader and writer I was surprised to learn I am more creative then I ever thought, and technology is something I can use for the better. I like being able to promote myself and blogging and twitter are area's I can do so productively. The integration of technology is this course has become so useful I couldn't imagine doing English class without the use of a blog or even twitter. Before this class, I was very careful about using social media and I still am today. I am just more aware of the positive outcomes it can have.

Twitter was always something I really had no interest in before this class. When I created my professional account, I was surprised to see how many people used twitter constructively. Sure some people only post stupid tweets and rude comments, but for the most part in this class especially twitter was used without incidents. As for constructive criticism the only suggestion I have is that we could have incorporated more video and media into the course. (movies and music) Maybe even sports. Just something that would have peaked my interest even more.

Advice I have to offer for future students...
-Don't fall behind on your blog posts and personal additions. Keep up to date because it's hard to catch up. This class moves at a fast past.
-Don't worry if you don't have and prior social media experience. Ms. McLauchlan has far enough knowledge to spread around.
-Blogging in this class in professional. No stupid posts.
-Reading/Writing reflexions are time consuming so get as much done in class.

Monday, 21 January 2013

Bucket List So What and Author's Note

Well here we are the end of the semester. Whoa did it go by fast! I really got excited at the end when I found out we were doing a bucket list project. I have watched The Buried Life before on t.v. but for me it was the Bucket List movie that had the biggest impression and inspiration for my project. Life is just to short no matter what anyone says. I have to say I love to live in the moment, but looking forward to things in the future inspires me to do good today and live for tomorrow. I really have so much I want to do before I kick the bucket, and it scares me a little to be thinking about this at such a young age. The reality however, is that a bucket list really can never end. No matter what there will always be something I want to do.... even when I think I have done it all. This project was actually a kind of eye opener to me and I am beginning to realize all the endless possibilities that surround me. I am really fortunate. I also learnt that the items on my list best describe me and my personality. No matter if I finish everything on my list, at least I have something to strive for tomorrow. I realize now that I will just have to put my mind to it and put some effort into completing the list, but I am definitely open to the challenge. I predict my bucket list might change a little over time as different priorities take control, but for now I have a solid 100 items to knock off. As for my project I decided to take my own picture and plug them into animoto to create a slideshow. I am really happy with how it turned out and my lack of technology sense is slowly becoming obsolete.

Now the so what? So what? Well I really don't have any particular item I want to knock off the list right now today. But I think my best plan of action is to keep all my options and opportunities open and take advantage of them whenever I can. Unlike most people, I am in no rush whatsoever to complete everything in a timely fashion. I would rather go along and enjoy the ride, with my goals always close by. With that being said, I definitely want to travel and do all the dangerous and sometimes stupid items on my list while I am still young. I think for now I can maybe start planning for my trips and putting some money aside. The day will come for everything on my list and when it does I will know it. Until then I am just gonna live in the moment and have something to look forward to. I think if I rush myself, I wont get everything I would want and expect out of the experience.

Monday, 14 January 2013

Twitter Fiction Visuals

Well here they are. My twitter fiction visuals. If you have read the story then maybe you will get a better understandig of what I am trying to represent through them but if not here goes nothing. The first thing I want to point out is that the images are supposed to be through the eyes of the main character. It`s what he is seeing throughout the story. For that reason I chose to make all the images dark and sinister. Representing the main character and his thoughts. The fact there is not a lot of constrast and bright colors also represents his thinking and lack of emotion, to ultimately distance him from being a well hearted human being and portray the idea of him being a physciatric patient. The images I think represent important parts in the story that maybe you wouldn`t pick up on if you just read. For example the image of the broken window is direct coralation to the broken glass he crunches on in the story but we didn`t know forsure at that time it was the window he had broken into. The picture is also taken from the outside of the house portaying him as an intruder. Also the hallway shows the character at the end, which idealy makes it look like the hallway is somewhere he has never been to the end of. Finally the helicopter searchlight. I chose to take a picture where the beam was pointing away rather then directly at the character. This represents the idea that the character`s whereabouts are esentially unknow to the authorities which in term makes it seem like he might get away and attack someone else.

Jets Training Camp

So despite my rant about being mad and what not at the nhl.... I attended the first practice for the Winnipeg Jets yesterday. Honestly, there is really know way I could be mad much longer. I love hockey and its great to have the nhl back. Winnipeg fans definately deserve to have an nhl team from what I saw yesterday. Apparently there were close to 5 thousand fans in attendance. For just a practice! That is crazy. They even gave ever fan free drinks and popcorn, maybe a sort of apology from the organization for the lockout. As for the players most of them look to be in game shape and ready for the shortened season. I really think they will make the playoffs this year and I am almost sure they will win saturday against Ottowa. It was a long and painfull wait but only 5 more days until Canadians get their sport back. Hockey. (picture above taken by me)

Thursday, 10 January 2013

If you look long enough you'll understand

Whats wrong with this picture?

NHL Returns....finally

Well in case you live under a rock, or haven't heard the news, the nhl is back after a time consuming and damaging lockout. To be honest I really am more mad at the league then happy with the outcome. Just a bunch of millionaires being greedy if you ask me. The lockout kind of changed my view on the league. Dont get me wrong I, like any true blooded Canadian love hockey, but the lockout convinced me that the fans really aren't that important. Sure the player's say they are embarrsed but are they really? I dont think so. Just more coin in their pockets. Is there really any positive outcome for the fans? The answer is no. The players will just continue making lots of money and ticket prices are sure to increase. If you ask me, if the players and owners really cared about the fans a solution would have arised much quicker. Put them on a plane with three hours fuel and guarenteed it would land with a deal before that time was up! All I am saying is it's gonna take some time for this bad taste to get out of my mouth and hopefully the league will do something to take account for the people who really care about hockey and not just the money.